Make and Illustrate Your Own Book(s)!
for ages 8-10



WHAT: Let's Make & Illustrate Our Own Book(s)! for ages 8-10
Capped at 7 students.

WHEN: WHEN: 8-week session, once a week, Mondays from 3:00-3:55 starting 9/21-11/23 (no class on 9/28 for Yom Kippur or 10/12 for Columbus Day/Indigenous People’s Day)

WHERE: Class will be held virtually via Zoom; a link and password will be provided upon registration.

COST/PAYMENT: Due to COVID & distance learning, in lieu of a set class fee I am offering a sliding scale for my classes to accommodate more learners. We are all trying to make it work during this challenging time; I ask that you please pay what you can between $120-195 for the session.


I am a bookmaker and illustrator who is passionate about the process of bringing a story to life through pictures. In this class, I'll walk students through it! We'll talk about what a book illustrator does and students will create and illustrate at least one book of their own. (PLEASE NOTE: students will not be writing stories in this class! Students may come to class with a story or poems they have written and would like to illustrate. Or, they may just have an idea for a story WITHOUT any words [we will explore a few books of this variety as well].  A student may also choose to create their own illustrated version of a story they already know and like, eg, a fairy tale.)

On the first day, I will teach students to make a simple and versatile origami pamphlet book. This will serve as a planning model for later, as students will eventually create a much larger version into which they'll add the story and pictures. I'll walk students through all the planning steps an Illustrator must take - a big part of this is planning! We'll compare and contrast illustrations from children's books to explore the concepts. Students will learn to create simple thumbnail sketches and think of different possibilities for their illustrations - this won't just be a "ok I have my idea I drew it I'm done" class. The process is a big part of it!

Students may want or need to work on their projects in between class sessions. Some students will have shorter stories or ideas and may finish earlier. Some students may work on one project the entire time.

I am keeping this class small so it will give me the opportunity to work with students on their own ideas, if they want to take things in a different direction.

I use Google Classroom to keep in touch with students and families, and students may feel free to share work with me there, in between sessions.


Students will need:
-sketch paper (ideally, some way to keep their drawings and sketches together - either a folder to keep track of their piles of loose paper, or a sketchbook)
-glue stick
-printer access (I will post/email occasional things to print, and they'll want to print out/bring a copy of the writing that they'd like to illustrate)
-for the first day: copy paper or white construction paper to create their origami pamphlet book
Moving forward into book creation and illustration (YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY NOW, we will discuss further before you get any, but heads-up):
-for their larger books - you will need a very large piece of paper. If you can get an 18x24 pad that will give kids a nice big page size. Smaller paper can work too; we can discuss what size yields what size pages.
-possibly: decorative paper or heavier-weight paper for a cover.
-art media of choice for creating illustrations (preferably drawing media or collage because this format won't take watercolor very well).

Please email me to register - I need 5 students minimum to run the session. I can take payment via Venmo or Zelle (preferred), or PayPal (friends & family payment). If you want to pay with a credit card via PayPal, I'll ask you to pay the additional credit card processing fee.


-PLEASE NOTE: registration is non-refundable unless another student is able to take your place. No-shows will not be refunded.
-Student cameras must be on. I cannot gauge learner participation and needs if I cannot see them!
-Siblings may share a camera, but each participating student must be registered.
-For learner safety and comfort, parents may stay nearby and observe and/or offer your learner assistance, but please do not sit fully within the frame.
-I use the waiting room feature to ensure we don't get any uninvited guests in class. Please make sure that your learner's name is typed into Zoom so their name appears in the waiting room.