Color Magic! Color Mixing Exploration With Tempera Paint

for ages 4-6


Color Magic! Color Mixing Exploration With Tempera Paint, for ages 4-6
Capped at 7 students.

6-week session, once a week, Fridays from 10:00-10:40, from 9/25-10/30

Class will be held virtually via Zoom; a link and password will be provided upon registration.

Due to COVID & distance learning, in lieu of a set class fee I am offering a sliding scale for my classes to accommodate more learners. We are all trying to make it work during this challenging time; I ask that you please pay what you can between $78-105 for the session.

In this process-focused six-week class, young artists will learn tempera painting basics and explore the joys of mixing colors! I will be guiding your artists in an exploration of what they can do with a brush and liquid tempera paint - discovering the different kinds of lines and textures they can create with their paintbrushes, and mixing secondary colors and tints / shades - and of course, how to clean and care for their art materials. On day 1 we will use black paint only; all other days we will be learning skills to carefully mix and blend secondary colors, tints and shades.

The focus of this tempera painting class is PROCESS, getting used to the materials, rather than product - meaning that your young artist will be exploring how to paint with tempera without a specific end product in mind (though kids will definitely get their own ideas). Please note that this will not be step-by-step instruction on how to create a certain kind of picture. Will you want to hang the results on the refrigerator? Possibly not - but know that part of art-making is exploring materials and learning about possibilities! The goal for me is to be present with them through their joyful process.  One of my goals is for them to develop familiarity with the process and materials so that when the class ends they'll have a better handle on how to use these art materials on their own, and they can create whatever they like moving forward - and will want to keep painting! 

I love sharing picture books relating to our art exploration, so some days we will start or finish with a picture book! In each class session, I will introduce an idea for the day, and give careful instruction in materials use, using a document camera to highlight my hands so that students can watch my hands while I demonstrate. Then we'll work for about 20 minutes - I check for comprehension often. There will be no restrictions on the artwork they create... although I may offer suggestions or ideas, this class is intended for free exploration, and students are encouraged to do just that! At the end of work time, I will ask the artists to share their work with the others if they would like to, but I never insist - I know some students are more shy than others. (Some students share throughout work time too - that's fine with me!)


Young artists will need brushes and liquid TEMPERA paints (in limited colors: the three primary colors plus black and white, since they'll be mixing their own colors). If you don't have any of those in your house right now (note: if you have 'poster paints,' those are often a similar consistency and should work, so long as they aren't acrylic), buying all the materials would probably cost you around $25. 

NOTE: if it is close to the class start date, you only need black paint on day 1; you don't need colors til later, so if you have black paint alone you could still start the class with us.  I will email those enrolled a more detailed supply list. ***Please make sure you will have these materials available for class. Watercolor or acrylic paints are very different materials from liquid tempera paint and require different instruction, so you can't substitute one for the other.*** Also note - this class will be messy! I recommend a smock and table covering!


Please email me to register - I need 5 students minimum to run the session. I can take payment via Venmo or Zelle (preferred), or PayPal (friends & family payment). If you want to pay with a credit card via PayPal, I'll ask you to pay the additional credit card processing fee.


-PLEASE NOTE: registration is non-refundable unless another student is able to take your place. No-shows will not be refunded.
-Student cameras must be on. I cannot gauge learner participation and needs if I cannot see them!
-Siblings may share a camera, but each participating student must be registered.
-For learner safety and comfort, parents may stay nearby and observe and/or offer your learner assistance, but please do not sit fully within the frame.
-I use the waiting room feature to ensure we don't get any uninvited guests in class. Please make sure that your learner's name is typed into Zoom so their name appears in the waiting room.